Internet & Technology Safety Presentations for Adults and Children


Ten years ago when I began talking with adults about keeping children safe online, the primary focus of Internet Safety was online predators. Although sexual predators access to children is still a critical concern, the issues we are facing today have become much more complex.

Today’s connected technology includes laptops with wireless connections; cell phones with text messaging; video games with chat capability; photo and music sharing; Wi-Fi hotspots; MP3 players and music/movie downloads; and so much more.


Children are living in a world where social networking, text messaging, gaming and downloading music are part of their everyday activities. It is fun, exciting, and “normal” for them. They are also living in a world where this technology brings cyber-bullying, access to inappropriate photos and information, obsession about their online lives and confusion over what is ethical, safe, and secure behavior.

Even those parents and educators who believe that they are “tech-savvy” can be left feeling ill-equipped to deal with the issues that surround children’s connected activities. School administrators, teachers, church, synagogue, and community group leaders have witnessed the impact of children’s online activities on their “offline” lives.


Through educating parents both in the workplace and in school PTA/PTO groups, educators, church & synagogue communities, youth leaders and community service groups, we can empower adults to understand and guide our children as they explore our online world.

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